Schuler Press Shop
Iran Khodro Advanced Dies Company has the ability to produce a record number of press parts by having 6 fully automatic Shuler presses
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Dies Manufacturing Unit
Manufacturing large variety of stamping dies, plastic injection, Die Casting sets
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پخش ویدئو

Over 40 years of experience


Iran Khodro Advanced Dies Company

"Iran Khodro Advanced Dies Company," abbreviated as GPI, is one of the largest sheet metal forming companies in Iran. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of various metal and plastic molds, as well as casting, GPI boasts a team of skilled and experienced engineers. Leveraging the expertise and technical knowledge of its personnel, the company is actively engaged in different stages of design and production, ranging Progressive Die, Injection Mold, Blow Mold, Compression Mold, Transfer Mold, Rotational Mold (Rotomold), Permanent Mold, Gravity Die Casting Mold, Die Casting Mold, Extrusion Die, Vacuum Forming Mold

تصویر اسلایدر
Monthly production
Progressive Die
Type of Die production
Type of manufactured part

The most specialized center for design and manufacturing  of progressive dies.

Invitation for collaboration

Mutual benefits in establishing an extensive supply chain.

Iran Khodro Advanced Dies Company intends to have a larger role in serving the country's industrial production by expanding its supply chain.
Phase One – Completing the Contractors Collaboration Form.
Phase Two – GPI Review Experts Contacting You.
Phase Three – Initiating a Profitable Collaboration.

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